When we say ‘folly’ we do not mean an accident. We mean a unique adventure of discovering new and delicious flavours of beer. Our brewing system allows for that creativity of constant exploration, and also the ability to continually brew our tried-and-tested favourites.

A ‘foamer’ is someone who absolutely loves trains. They’re obsessed. We are located in the heart of Pitt Meadows – and anyone who has been to Pitt Meadows knows how strongly trains are linked to our community. Our foam comes atop delicious beer – and that’s where our obsession lies.

Who We Are

Foamers’ Folly was born out of the desire to create delicious craft beer that challenged the boundaries of what beer is. Our goal is for your tastebuds to have an experience unlike any they’ve had before. With 20 taps in our tasting room, and an ever-evolving list of packaged products, we think you’ll find something that leaves you asking for another pint.

And while we promise to never be boring, we also pride ourselves on exceptional quality. Where we can (and it’s not always possible!) we use locally-sourced ingredients in our beer. If we think our beer needs more time to age, we won’t rush it. And each of our packaged products goes through rigorous testing to make sure we don’t release short-fills. These are just some examples of how we go that extra kilometre to produce top-quality beer.

Award Winning Beer

BC Beer Awards 2016, 1st Place in the British Bitter Category for our English Bitter
BC Beer Awards 2016, 3rd Place in the British Brown Ale Category for our Aethelred the Mild Ale
BC Beer Awards 2016, 1st Place in the North American Brown Ale Category for our Bandit Brown

Tours? We currently do not offer scheduled tours but come by when the brewery is in action, Monday to Friday during regular business hours. There is usually someone who would be tickled pink to show you around. You are always welcome to check out the back at anytime and ask the lounge staff any questions you might have.

How We Brew

Designed for experimentation, our brewhouse is laid out a little different than most. For starters, we took the same sky’s-the-limit approach to our construction as we do to our beers. Rather than leave any inch unused, we got creative, and very vertical. The space is literally filled to the rafters with brewing potential. Here’s where things get interesting. Instead of the typical large-capacity brewhouse coupled with a mini pilot test system, we decided to take the track less travelled and built two full brewhouses under one roof. The main system, at 2000 litres, will produce our mainstays, while the other setup, at 500 litres, is where we’ll get to play. And at that size, you can be part of the process. We’ll put these adventurous editions on tap and you can tell us if you want more.

We want you to be a part of this selection process; give us feedback, what did you love, what more do you want us to brew? We’re here to listen, to try new things, and to make damn good beer.

Beer Flight
Foamers' Folly Brewing Co.

19221–122A Ave.
Pitt Meadows, BC
V3Y 2E9

Every day: 11:00am–10:00pm

Minors are welcome until 9pm and MUST be seated with their parent or guardian. Thank you!

Last call is a half-hour before posted closing time.
Sorry, no reservations.

Foamers' Folly Brewing Co. Craft Beer in Pitt Meadows, BC