Brewery Update Regarding COVID-19

To our Community,

Regretfully, we have chosen to close our lounge indefinitely, starting today, while continuing to offer off-sales. The COVID-19 crisis has been rapidly changing over the last week and it has reached a point where thorough sanitizing and self-isolation just isn’t enough. We have been making every effort, so far, to keep our staff and our community as safe as possible, while waiting for the inevitable date where our public health authorities ask us and every other hospitality business to close.

We have felt that only through a unified effort, would we be able to make a difference in the community. For this unified effort, we chose to put our trust in our health authorities’ advice as well as supporting recommendations and unified efforts put forth by the BC Craft Brewers Guild. It is important that everyone follow these health guidelines. We encourage every British Columbian to regularly follow updates through the BC Center for Disease Control ( for locally focused information, as well as the World Health Organization ( for a global perspective. Even though local authorities have not mandated closing at this time, we expect that step to be taken and we feel that along with all the other BC Craft Breweries, we can make a difference today.

For the time being we will continue to do off-sales through our lounge and our products will continue to be available in liquor stores. Our off-sale hours will be reduced to 1PM – 8PM, Monday – Sunday. We have also chosen to continue supporting growler fills as we are confident in our ability to clean and sanitize them. We have been assured by Fraser Health that our brewing chemicals are more than adequate to kill the virus and we are sanitizing fill tubes, rinsers and bottles with every fill. We are also looking into additional delivery and/or pick-up options as possible ways to continue to support our staff while there is reduced work and will do our best to keep everyone updated.

Please stay safe, keep calm and be informed. Remember that you’re not just protecting yourself, you’re protecting your friends and family in the community.

Thank you,

Rob Davis
Foamers’ Folly Brewing Co.

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  1. Thanks for your efforts. Delivery would be awesome especially if we could pay by phone and just have to have no contact for payment at the door

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